Excalibur Cars Pricing

Excalibur Car Rental Pricing Table

Excalibur series III 1977 Sports Roadster Convertible
First Hour $290*
Second Hour $210*
Third Hour $160*
Formals $550* 2 Hour Min

*Prices exclude gst.

Please Note the Following Conditions

The car is charged out from Base back to Base IE from our premises in The Gold Cost until the Vehicle is longer required by the hirer. The fees above include decorations and the driver. The sliding scale price table refers to consecutive hours only, it does not apply to split bookings. Please note there is a 20% ($100 min) fuel surcharge for delivery outside The Gold Cost Metropolitan Area. All pricing is exclusive of GST. Some of our vehicles are no longer certified for Passenger Service transport and subsequently are therefore rented out as photo props only on the same hourly basis and any transportation of passengers is as a free of charge curtsy only service between photographic venues. We reserve the right to charge for unexpected overtime in 60-minute increments at the appropriate hourly rate (we have to pay the driver accordingly). We can only accept cash on the day for overtime paid directly to the driver accordingly. We endeavor to ensure a significant time buffer between bookings however we reserve the right to leave a booking venue if we have a later commitment. If there is a possibility of conflict, we will consult you in advance. We make every endeavor to ensure that our vehicles are in excellent condition both visually and mechanically through regular detailing and frequent servicing. All drivers have passenger service licenses. All vehicles have a current Certificate of inspection, Warrant of Fitness, Certificate of Fitness. However, it is a condition of our service that Excalibur Cars accepts no liability for loss, injury or damage to passengers or their property as a result of mechanical failure, accident or driver negligence beyond the cost of hire which we will refund fully if such an occurrence has a significant impact on the relevant event. The customer acknowledges that Classic cars are subject to an increased risk of breakdown and mechanical failure and It is a condition of service that the client accepts the responsibility for this risk in exchange for the aesthetic amenity that a classic car provides. Accordingly, in the event of a breakdown, Excalibur Cars will not be held liable for missed appointments, time-dependent bookings and associated costs beyond the cost of hire and provision of alternative transport (where possible). Please Note* We Reserve the right to use photographs for publicity purposes. Please advise us upon booking if you or your party don’t wish to be included in our advertising promotions. Further to this, it stipulated that the contract between Excalibur Cars & the customer is not for the provision of leisure or entertainment. It is vital that you read and understand our terms and conditions before making a booking